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About Comprehensive Physical Therapy
At Comprehensive Physical Therapy & Rehab, we fully appreciate that the quality of our patients lives depends on our commitment and expertise. Patients and physicians agree. Our reputation speaks for itself!

We take Special Interest in...

Orthopedic Rehabilitation
Orthopedic rehabilitation encompasses a wide range of injuries and problems involving the joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones and peripherial nerves. In physical therapy we work to resolve pain, limited motion, gait problems, weakness, loss of function, and to prevent recurrence. Athletic Rehabilitation Athletic injuries are essentially orthopedic injuries which have a sport specific component. Our goal for the athlete is to return the patient back to the field as quickly as possible, while preventing re-injuries through proper warm-up and training procedures. Neurological Rehabilitation Neurological rehabilitation involves injuries, disease, and problems related to the central nervous system. In physical therapy, we work to achieve maximal, independent level of function through strengthening, range of motion, coordination and balance training as well as functional activities.

Pedetriatric Rehabilitation
Pediatric rehabilitation refers to rehabilitation of the very young or children to age 18 with neurologic disease, injuries or congenital deformities. It requires special training to assess a wide variety of problems such as muscle weakness, muscle tightness, balance, and coordination issues, somatosensory integration, motor planning and more. These issues must be addressed in physical therapy in a form of play, as is age appropriate, to ensure the child's cooperation and interest.

Spinal Rehabilitation
Spinal rehabilitaion refers to problems with your neck or back. It is a subspecialty of orthopedics and should be treated as such. Because of the unique structure of the spine and special problems related to this area, specilaized training is a must to ensure appropriate treatment.

Because the majority of problems are mechanical, relating to specific activities, postures, and habits of the patient's life style, a mechanical solution is necessary. Our staff are experts in spinal care with special training in the Cyriax and McKenzie approach of mechanical diagnosis and treatment. A thorough evaluation will be performed by selective stretching of various tissues to identify movements, positions, and activities that aggravate the condition as well as those that will decrease symptoms. After pin pointing the tissue at fault the treatment is aimed and directed at the faulty tissue. Emphasis is on active self-treatment in which the patient plays a vital role.

Hand Rehabilitation
Because of the unique structure, anatomy and functional requiements of the hand, specialized training is necessary for proper rehabilitation. Hand rehabilitation is truly a subspecialty of orthopedics. We work closely with your physician to be sure appropriate treatment is being rendered for the specific surgical intervention you have received. Splinting will be done as needed.

Pedorthic Rehabilitation
Ankle and foot dynamics plays a very important role in an individual's overall physical well being. Under normal circumstances the ground forces are absorbed properly without causing any problems. However, with the presence of a patho-mechanical condition an individual may suffer with pain in foot, Ankle, Knee and upwards to the low back. As a Board Certified Pedorthist, our P.T. staff will identify the existance of any patho-mechanical conditions leading to any secondary problems. We have had remarkable success in relieving heel and knee pain by fitting the custom molded orthotics. For more information on how a board certified pedorthist may help you contact the PFA. 

Post Burn Rehabilitation
Our highly trained and experienced staff is well prepared to take care of a Burn victim as an out patient after his/her discharge from a burn center. Our staff has special training in Burn wound management and scar control. Care is rendered under supervisory control by the physician, and co-ordinated by the Physical Therapist or the Clinical Nurse Specialist at the burn center.

Geriatic Rehabilitation
We at Comprehensive Physical Therapy recognize that our elderly patients have special needs. So we take special care while treating them. We undrstand the importance of communication between patients and staff. Our professionals provide dedicated, compassionate, individualized treatment in a warm and supportive invironment. Our priority is to insure each patient the quality of care needed for maximum recovery. Convenient parking spaces are assigned and additional assistance is offered, if needed. Close supervision is maintained throughout the session and "one on one" service is provided as necessary.
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