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At Comprehensive Physical Therapy we fully appreciate that the quality of our patients lives depends on our commitment and expertise. Patient and physicians agree. Our reputation speaks for itself!
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"Thank you all for your dedicated work and your love to me as a patient of yours. It has been truely a blessing to me coming for all this time. Your friendship means a lot to me. You are in my prayers everyday. God bless you all as you continue to make people get well. You are a blessing to many because you care. Betty Buckley."
"Dear Mr. Bhanti & Staff, I received therapy at your office from Sept. to Dec. 1996 for a shoulder injury from a fall last March. I had pain 24 hours a day for 5 months & could not lift my right arm or rotate it much at all. Then I started therapy. Thanks to you and your wonderful staff, I now have complete mobility & no pain. I did the exercises at home and still stretch at least once a day. When I started, I had so much pain in the sessions that I almost gave up, but now it's great to be able to use two arms. I thank all of you for your professionalism, kindness & encouragement throughout & I highly recommend your services to anyone who asks, (even those who don't). Sincerely, Ann Pampena (The Right Shoulder) IMarch 12, 1997. "
"Dear Pramod, Carol & Rose, Thank you very much for the excellent job of Physical Therapy you have done for me. You have an excellent staff of therapists. Thanks again. Sheldon Hummelstein"
"Pramod, Everything is going fine with my knee, thanks to all of you with your patience and caring. I would have never gotten as far as I have without you all. God bless you in your very important work helping the many people who come to you and need you. Sincerely, Jim."
"Dear Leila, Rose and Loretta, I want to thank you all for your patience with me, on my recovery of my repaired knee. I can now say it was worth it all. I have no knee pain anymore. You are a good group and I wish you all luck in your profession. I miss you all. Sincerely, Jenny Clerico."
"Leila, Thank you so much for your tremendous effort towards my recovery. Your knowledge, hard work, and professionalism are a tribute to your work. My ankle feels great! Sincerely, Larry Dallaire,"
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